net.sf.rej Generic reJ classes
net.sf.rej.cmdline An attempt to create a command-line interface to the most commonly used reJ features.
net.sf.rej.files Provides file access related functionality.
net.sf.rej.gui Constains classes for the reJ graphical user interface.
net.sf.rej.gui.action Contains reJ GUI actions. Provides diff-like compare functionality for class files
net.sf.rej.gui.debug Provides user-interface components, etc, for debugging another JVM process.
net.sf.rej.gui.debug.wrappers Provides an abstraction of the JDI (com.sun.jdi.*) classes to allow to run reJ even without tools.jar (which contains those classes) on the classpath.
net.sf.rej.gui.dialog Contains the dialog classes of the reJ graphical user interface
net.sf.rej.gui.editor Contains reJ bytecode editor components.
net.sf.rej.gui.editor.iteration Contains classes that iterate through the project, going through every class with the purpose of finding definitions, references and doing refactoring
net.sf.rej.gui.editor.rendering Provides rendering of java bytecode into a Graphics object and plain and HTML text
net.sf.rej.gui.editor.row Contains various container classes for different "types" of lines in the reJ bytecode editor.
net.sf.rej.gui.editor.transfer Provides transferring from reJ GUI to/from the system clipboard.
net.sf.rej.gui.event Provides classes for the event framework of reJ GUI.
net.sf.rej.gui.hexeditor A hex editor component that is not coupled to the reJ GUI, but the reJ GUI uses the hex editor on various components
net.sf.rej.gui.preferences Provides GUI preferences related funcionality
net.sf.rej.gui.split Provides synchronized split-screen functionality.
net.sf.rej.gui.structure Provides components for a JTree which models the structure of a class file. Contains reJ user interface tab components. Contains core bytecode parsing and construction related classes. Provides classes that model the various class file attributes Contains additional classes for processing and modeling annotation attributes Provides classes for modeling Signature attributes and other generics related constructs Provides constant pool related functionality. Classes that model the java bytecode instructions.
net.sf.rej.obfuscation Obfuscation classes
net.sf.rej.util Utility classes used by both reJ API and GUI.