Provides constant pool related functionality.


Interface Summary
DescriptorEnabled Interface for all classes that allow querying and updating an index to the constantpool which defines the descriptor for the object in question.

Class Summary
ConstantPoolInfo ConstantPoolInfo is the superclass for all constant pool items.
DoubleInfo DoubleInfo objects are double info entries in the constant pool.
IntegerInfo IntegerInfo class models an integer constant item in the constant pool.
LongInfo Class that represents a Long info entry in the constant pool.
NameAndTypeInfo Models a NameAndTypeInfo entry in the constant pool of a class.
StringInfo Represents a String Info entry in the constant pool.
UTF8Info This class models UTF8 Info Entries in a constant pool section of a class defition.

Package Description

Provides constant pool related functionality. Namely a class modeling the constant pool and classes modeling the various types of entries in the pool.