Package net.sf.rej.util

Utility classes used by both reJ API and GUI.


Interface Summary
ByteParser Interface for reading binary data.

Class Summary
ByteArrayByteParser Class that wraps a byte array and offers tools for reading the array.
ByteSerializer A class that wraps a byte array for stream-type writing.
FileToolkit FileToolkit class contains file utility functions.
StopWatch Utility class for measuring the duration of tasks for informal uses.
StreamByteParser A ByteParser subclass providing parsing of a stream instead of a byte array (as is the case with ByteParser class).
StreamRedirector Reads an InputStream in a loop for as long as there is data available, writing the data, line-by-line to a PrintStream.
Wrapper<E> Wrapper class A wrapper class used in Swing classes(JList, JTable, JComboBox,...) that has a separate textual display String and content object.

Exception Summary
ParsingException An unchecked exception indicating a parsing error during the parsing of a classfile.

Package net.sf.rej.util Description

Utility classes used by both reJ API and GUI. These classes deal include byte processing functionality, immutable lists, stream redirection and other general utility classes.